speedqueen, back with a vengance

i’m sorry i drifted away for so long. actually, since february i had forgotten about this silly little blog. it won’t be so silly soon.
stumbling upon this guide(via lifehacker) to recreate a social network page on your own blog, i’m bringing citizen blame back.

work begins now, with the end of this post is also the real ground breaking. check in soon.


S is for I can See you! P is for Plaza St-Hubert E E D old style Q U E E N

open letter to a sneaky faggot

maybe i am a fucked up person with fucked up ideas of self reliance, but you’ve known me as that from the beginning. i hate asking people for help. any time i do find myself in those situations where i feel marginally comfortable or in desperate need of assistance, asking for it makes me feel like an abused dog going back to his owner.

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what the queen said

i found a book on a five dollar shelf in the ohio book store. stoddard king doesn’t even have a wikipedia page, though he deserves it. what the queen said and further facetious fragments, (c)1923, isn’t the best poetry, but it is better than you or i hope to do.

stoddard king, the drama in distress
five broadway plays may be closed by the district attorney.–new york theatrical item.

the country’s boasted freedom is a bubble,
was it for this our fathers beat the drum
and bore the musket with no end of trouble?
great pan is dead! true art is on the bum.

when managers spend money without stinting,
masters of stagecraft take a world of pains,
press agents keep the presses busy printing,
and playwrights add the benison of brains;

and when, at last, they fuse these various factors
in a triumphant symphony of smut,
shall cruel law deprive the needy actors
of their fine jobs, and bar the stage doors shut?

not while we intellectuals have our voices
and can denounce the censorship of shows.
we shall, by clearly stating what our choice is,
make the skunk cabbage sweeter than the rose.

you say the public yearns for more tabasco?
then let them have it, give the folks their dirt.
fear not the las, bill brady and belasco–
we will stay with you to our final shirt!

the rose has teeth in the mouth of a beast

the best matmos album to date. a concept album that comes as close to a biography as it does to crossing the line between a civil disturbance, the rose has teeth in the mouth of a beast is a masterpiece of glitch-core and ambiance. tracks of notice: tract for valerie solanas, public sex for boyd mcdonald, semen song for james bridgood, kendo for yukio mishima.

the tracklist of people they admire:

  1. "Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein"
  2. "Steam and Sequins for Larry Levan"
  3. "Tract for Valerie Solanas"
  4. "Public Sex for Boyd McDonald"
  5. "Semen Song for James Bidgood"
  6. "Snails and Lasers for Patricia Highsmith"
  7. "Germs Burn for Darby Crash"
  8. "Solo Buttons for Joe Meek"
  9. "Rag for William S. Burroughs"
  10. "Banquet for King Ludwig II of Bavaria"
  11. "Kendo for Yukio Mishima" (Japan-only track)

VanBrau Chasë Litpon

pronounced VanBro Chesu Leeon. she is a 1995 buick le sabre and we’re in love. she might be 12 years old but she isn’t showing her age. she isn’t fat, just a little bigger than the other cars i’ve dated. follow me for some pictures.
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now accepting applications

i need a boyfriend and a pirate. a pirate foremost, but you can try both and see whatcha get. how web two-oh.

Boyfriend Application

Pirate Application